The world's easiest employee scheduling & time-tracking software.

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Let our bots do all the work for you.

Lots of bots

Our army of robots is ready to work for you.

We're the one and only

The original, innovative event staff scheduling platform with the years of experience to back it up.

Supercharge your business

Our average client has a 84% timesavings after converting to Roosted.

Empower your employees

with the intelligent scheduling app

We're the best at:

Scheduling for lots of employees

The more employees, the more we shine. Book a demo today and be amazed.

Automating the process

Let our bots do the tedious work while you focus on your business.

Your time is valulable, not to mention your money.

Protect both of them with Roosted.

We work really well with:

Stage Labor &
Concert Labor

Festivals & Fairs

Talent Management

Food & Beverage Catering


Event Security & Fire Departments



Redefine the relationship with your staff

It has a brain

Roosted can think like you and automatically consider skills and history when scheduling your employees.

It judges

It can even balance your veteran workers among multiple events on the same day to ensure you've got the right mix.

It knows your workers

Our AI learns from you to constantly monitor employees' rankings while providing feedback to them to improve performance.

It talks

Our bots can automatically reach out to your workers to get them signed up for and confirm shifts — eliminate late arrivals and no-shows.

See for yourself!

Watch our 3 minute trainer videos to see Roosted in action.

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