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Employee Scheduling

See how lightening fast Schedulehead is at scheduling and inviting employees to shifts. We make the world's easiest employee scheduling and time-tracking software for event companies.

Invite to Work - Invite your employees to work

Invite your key people, then let the rest of your spots fill in a number of different ways, whether it's signup, Autotext Bot, or shift requests. There's lots of workflows to choose from.

Shift Check In Bot - Confirm your staff is coming

You'll quickly learn Shift Check In Bot is a robot you won't want to live without. He'll automatically text your scheduled staff a few days before a shift to make sure they're ready to work and ask them to check in, just like checking in for a flight before going to the airport. This bot really helps reduce no-shows.

Autotext Bot - Automatically schedule your workers

Autotext Bot is another heavy hitter — this bot will watch for holes in your schedule and automatically text your staff to see if they'd like to pick up shifts. With this bot on the watch, you can take a break.

Autotext Bot - Texting workers that live close to a venue or event

Autotext Bot even knows how close your people live to a venue, and can selectively text only those that live around it. Really useful for far away events, big cities, or spread out companies.

Adding and Editing Staff

Before you schedule your employees, you'll need to get them added, but that's easy. You can either import them in bulk, or add them individually. Plus, our search and sort functions give you lots of information.

How your employees signup for shifts on the mobile app

Post shifts for your employees to signup for or request to work. This self-driven workflow allows your staff to signup for the shifts that they want, and Schedulehead helps you monitor and fill those empty shifts along the way.

Employees Requesting to Work Shifts

Autotext Bot is another heavy hitter — this bot will watch for holes in your schedule and automatically text your staff to see if they'd like to pick up shifts. With this bot on the watch, you can take a break.

Time Tracking Overview

We make time & attendance easier than ever. Capture punches, employee and client signatures, and more in this quick Time Tracking Overview (updated July 2019).

Time Tracking — Punching in and out

Collecting time tracking data from your staff takes a huge load off. Your employees punch in and out through the app, then you export that data directly to your payroll provider. No more payroll woes.

Time Tracking — Punch review system

Your employees can review their hours worked, submit forgotten punches, and even request changes/deletions to punches for your easy approval. This is a game changer for time tracking.

Time Tracking — Digital Signatures on Timecards

Workers can digitally sign their timecard at the end of a shift, all conveniently stored in Schedulehead. #NoMorePaperwork

Managing Time Tracking on the Mobile App

Keep track of employee's time punches, appoint a time keeping manager, and even get a digital signature from the client on site.

Time Tracking: Custom Legal Acknowledgement

Ask your workers to agree to a custom disclaimer when punching out of every shift. This is a great tool for legal disclaimers such as Meal Break Waivers, agreements, and more. #NoMorePaperwork

Communications Center — Messages to and from Staff

Send group messages quickly and easily, and view text messages to and from your employees.

Employee Scheduling using Skillsets

Use skillsets to describe who you need on an event and tag your team. Use your imagination: approve staff to work at specific venues/clients, or anything you can think of.

Calendar View & List View

Use a list view and a calendar view to monitor your employees' schedules, and make sure you've got them all staffed. This customizable view gives you lots of ways to see your upcoming events.

Syncing Calendar to Gmail or Apple

Both admins and your workers can sync events on Schedulehead to their personal calendars.

Tagging Your Events

Tag your events for quick and easy sorting & filtering by anything you can think of: sales person, client, venue, location, the sky is the limit.

Get Info to your People Using Comments

Schedulehead's array of comment fields allow you to get the right information to the right people for their shift. Divide and conquer!

Shift Publishing

You can choose to publish shifts individually or work on everything in 'live mode'.

Moving & Changing Employee Schedules

Quickly move large and small groups of workers with a click.

Rename Skillsets On the Fly

This advanced feature allows you to rename your skillsets as your scheduling your staff. Powerful stuff.

Copying Events and Shifts

Copying shifts can mean you're copying already scheduled employees or you're copying blank spots waiting to be filled. Use these like templates, and advanced notification options allow you to choose when and how to notify your employees.

Linked Events: Creating a series of shifts

Linking events in a series allows you to sync some or all of the data between events effortlessly. Once linked, you can choose to edit data on all events or just specific events. Linked events can also enforce workers to signup for "all or none" so that they must accept all events in that series in order to be scheduled.

Areas (geographic, departments, & more)

Larger companies, nationwide or multiple countries can divvy up their workforce with Schedulehead's "Areas" features. Learn how.

For Staff: Available Shifts & My Shifts

Here's what workers see when they login to Schedulehead through the web app when viewing their current shifts or to pickup new ones.