Scheduling and Time Tracking for Catering Companies

Contact workers for work, automate scheduling, track worker performance, reduce costs, and increase payroll accuracy.
Roosted is a perfect match for food and beverage catering.

Feature-packed software that caterers love to use.

Roosted is the only scheduling and time tracking platform made by and for caterers. Special events have been part of our recipe since the very beginning.

Work 84% faster with Roosted.

Schedule your staff and run payroll at lightning speed. Our customers are on average 84% faster after converting to Roosted.

We're the original innovators.

We're the original turn-key scheduling & time tracking solution custom built for food and bar caterers: we take the cake.

Do what you like, automate the rest.

Be in total control, let our bots be in control, or find a comfortable mix in between.

Put an end to lates & no shows for good.

Roosted tracks, in real-time, how your people are performing and then schedules them accordingly.

We know you're overloaded, let us take some things off your plate.

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During its 12 year initial growth, this case study catering company had struggled with its employee scheduling, moving between hand written notes, Google Sheets, phone calls and text messages. While this worked some of the time, the busier they were, the more attendance problems they’d have, at exactly the wrong time. The “late or no-show” ratio was estimated 50% on some of their busiest days, while after switching to Roosted, that same metric is now below 5% : a remarkable 90% improvement.

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Our feature-set is developed around solving problems specifically for caterers.

Problem: Sending text messages to staff takes forever.


Our bots help to automate all this for you. Need workers for the weekend? Autotext Bot will help find the perfect people for the job.

Problem: Our staff need up-to-date information about events.


We have a wide-array of comment and communication tools, each one easy to use and specifically designed to communicate the right info at the right time.

Problem: We need help, but don't have time to learn new software.


Roosted has been designed so that even an untrained user can intuitively navigate the app without training. Even advanced features take minutes to learn.

Problem: Each pay period takes too much time to calculate payroll.


With our advanced payroll rules, you can choose how payroll groups get automatically applied to people, making payroll (and time tracking) go from taking hours to just minutes.

Problem: Getting enough workers to fill larger events.


We have 4 main workflows for you to mix-and-match and create your own style. Each with its own advantages and designed to help you work the most efficiently.

Problem: It's impossible to know everyone with hundreds of part-time employees.


Workers can upload selfies that appear everywhere in the app. Roosted keeps realtime track of everyone's performance so you can make decisions with ease.

Problem: Locating workers at the start of shift isn't always possible.


Our geo-fencing combined with limits on ealy-punches help you corral workers at the start and end of shifts.

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Every plan comes with unlimited live training.