Scheduling and Payroll Software
for Event Security Companies

Reduce manual tasks, save time on payroll, and lower costs. Roosted is the best scheduling platform for event security.

Hassle-free scheduling tailored for event security.

Roosted is intuitive software that understands the challenges security professionals face. Spend less time on scheduling and more time optimizing your security operations.

Work smarter and faster.

Roosted helps schedule your staff and run payroll faster than ever. On average, our customers work 84% faster after converting. We'll help you maximize your resources.

Have as much control as you'd like.

With Roosted, you're in total control. You can automate your entire workflow and let our bots do the work OR you can use our bots sparingly and stay more hands on.

Gain insight into how your team's performing.

Roosted tracks, in real-time, where your guards are and how they are performing. You'll have security in knowing who your best and worst guards are.

We're invested in your success.

We offer extensive customization options and our development team is always available to work with you to get exactly the behavior your workflow requires. We'll help you every step of the way.

Connect your frontline to the back office.

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Our features were built to solve real problems for event security operations.

Problem: We can't always find enough guards for large events.


Our bots help to automate all this for you. Need guards for the weekend? Want to make sure the guards you schedule have the skills needed for the job? Autotext Bot will help find the perfect people for the job.

Problem: We don't have an efficient way to communicate last minute changes.


We have a wide-array of comment and communication tools, each one easy to use and specifically designed to communicate the right info at the right time.

Problem: With so many sites, we can't always locate guards throughout their shifts.


Roosted has intuitive geo-fencing tools and payroll rules - like limits on early-punches - that can help you keep tabs on yoru guards. Never wonder if your guards are where they need to be.

Problem: No-shows and performance issues are not always noticed until it becomes an big problem.


Roosted tracks performance and attendance. Our software will surface guards with recent issues to admins so you'll never miss a no-show or performance issue again.

Problem: Confirming guards for upcoming shifts is a hassle and time consuming.


Roosted's Shift Check-in Bot reaches out to your guards and verifies their upcoming shifts for you. Our software automates manual tasks to save you time.

Problem: Payroll takes up too much of our time each pay period.


We can save you time every pay period with our automation tools. Use our advanced payroll rules, such as shift minimums and holiday overtime, to make payroll (and time tracking) faster and easier. 

Problem: We could use the automation, but don't have time to learn new software.


Roosted has been designed so that even an untrained user can intuitively navigate the app without training. Even advanced features take minutes to learn.

Schedulehead Otto Bot

We've got lots of bots to help you.


Roosted improved staff performance and attendance by 90%

During its 12 year initial growth, this California-based company struggled with efficient and effective employee scheduling. Using hand written notes, Google Sheets, phone calls and text messages only worked some of the time. The busier they were, the more attendance problems they’d have, at exactly the wrong time. The “late or no-show” ratio was estimated 50% on some of their busiest days. After switching to Roosted, that same metric is now below 5%. That's a remarkable 90% improvement.

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