Healthcare Staff Scheduling

Get your medical staff to the right place, on time, every time, and save the day with Roosted.

Feature-packed software to help

Roosted is the only scheduling and payroll platform made for companies with temporary, per diem, and PRN staffing needs.

Get your nurses and doctors on shifts at lightening speed.

Schedule your staff and run payroll faster than the speed of sound. Our customers use 84% less time on repetitive tasks and communication.

We are the #1 PRN staff scheduling solution.

We're the original turn-key scheduling & time tracking solution custom built for daily and on-demand staff.

Let Roosted handle the repetitive tasks.

Roosted gives you the information to make an informed decision or can handle many of those decisions for you. It is all up to your preference.

Never be overwhelmed again.

Stop drowning in your work, and let Roosted help by finding the right people for shifts at the right time.

"I can breathe now, because I have Roosted."

-Cindy from Positive Results Staffing

The average onboarding time for new healthcare clients is less than 2 weeks.

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The #1 rated staff scheduling software for healthcare staffing.

Problem: Sending text messages to staff takes forever.


Our bots help to automate all this for you. Need staff for today? Our AI will help find the perfect people for the job.

Problem: Informing the staff about changes and updates is difficult.


We have a wide-array of comment and communication tools, each one easy to use and specifically designed to communicate the right info at the right time.

Problem: Calculating payroll takes too much time each pay period.


With our advanced payroll rules, you can choose how payroll groups get automatically applied to people, making payroll (and time tracking) go from taking hours to just minutes.

Problem: Getting enough staff to fill open orders.


We have 4 main workflows for you to mix-and-match and create your own style. Each with its own advantages and designed to help you work the most efficiently.

Problem: Knowing all of my staff involves a lot of information.


Staff can upload selfies that appear everywhere in the app. Roosted keeps realtime track of everyone's performance so you can make decisions with ease.

Problem: Learning new software takes too much time.


Roosted has been designed so that even an untrained user can intuitively navigate the app without training. Even advanced features take just minutes to learn.

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