Scheduling and Time Tracking Software
for Non-Profits and Volunteer Groups

Reduce your organizational workload and schedule the right volunteers at the right time with Roosted.

Clean and simple scheduling perfect for Non-Profits.

Roosted takes the work out of volunteer scheduling and non-profit time tracking. We know you're busy changing the world, let us deal with the staffing details.

Spend more time on helping the world.

Schedule your staff and track your volunteers effortlessly. Our customers work, on average, 84% faster after converting to Roosted. Meaning you can spend more effort on the parts that matter and less on the small details.

We understand the challenges you face.

Your volunteers and staff don’t always sit in an office. Roosted's app is designed to work specifically with multiple and ever-changing job locations.

Onboarding is made easier.

Onboarding new workers and volunteers is easy. Send them a link to your domain and we'll do the rest. You want to help people, not get bogged down in administrative details.

Effortlessly track performance.

Roosted keeps track of volunteer performance and seniority. It rewards quality, long-time volunteers - just like you do.

We know your time is limited, let us help you help the world.

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Non-profits face unique challenges that our features were created to solve.

Problem: Our volunteers all work their own jobs, so last-minute communication can be challenging.


We have a wide-array of tools designed to communicate the right info at the right time. Use our texting and email systems to keep your volunteers updated on last minutes changes.

Problem: We don't always have enough volunteers.


We can help you get volunteers signed up for events. Utilize our bots to automate the process. Need people this weekend? Autotext Bot will help find the perfect people for the job.

Problem: We have hundreds of part-time staff and volunteers - it's impossible to know everyone.


Roosted keeps track of everyone's performance in real-time so you don't need to personally know everyone to make decisions. Plus, volunteers and workers can upload selfies that appear everywhere in the app - making recognition easier.

Problem: Locating volunteers at different sites at the start of each shift isn't always easy.


Use our geo-fencing tools combined with limits on early-punches to help keep tabs on volunteers at the start and end of each shift. You'll be able to keep track of your volunteers even if you're not at the same site.

Problem: We need help, but don't have time to learn new software.


Roosted is intuitively designed so that even an untrained user can navigate the app easily, without training. Even advanced features take minutes to learn.

Problem: When volunteers no show we don't always catch it until it's become an issue.


Roosted tracks performance and will surface performance issues to admins prior upcoming shifts. With our software it's easy to keep tabs on late volunteers and chronic no-shows.

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We've got lots of bots to help you.

Every plan includes unlimited live training.