Roosted partners with Avibra

February 20, 2023 

Roosted Announces Partnership with Avibra to Improve the Gig-Economy Worker Experience

Los Angeles, CA - Roosted is pleased to announce a new partnership with Avibra. The collaboration will provide an enhanced experience for deskless workers by offering access to Avibra's wellness and lifestyle resources through Roosted's HRIS platform.

Roosted is a leading provider of HRIS software for gig-economy businesses. The platform is designed to simplify worker management processes, allowing businesses to control their scheduling, payroll, and communication on one platform. Avibra is a wellness and lifestyle platform that offers a range of resources independent of employer-provided benefits, including mental health support, fitness classes, and financial education.

Through this partnership, deskless workers will have access to Avibra's suite of resources through the Roosted platform. This integration will make it easier for workers to access wellness and lifestyle tools, which can have a positive impact on overall well-being and job satisfaction.

"Partnering with Avibra is a natural fit for Roosted as we are committed to providing our clients with tools that enable them to better support their workforce," said Derick Dorner, CEO of Roosted. "This integration will enable deskless workers to access a range of benefits that can help them to thrive both personally and professionally."

"Gig-economy workers by and large lack access to critical benefits and health resources. We are thrilled to partner with Roosted to expand access to our financial safety, wellness and lifestyle resources," said Yogesh Shetty, CEO of Avibra. "By supporting the mental and physical health of deskless workers, we can help to build a more sustainable and successful gig-economy."

This collaboration will provide deskless workers with the resources they need to excel in their roles while improving their overall well-being.

About Avibra

Avibra helps consumers from all walks of life by offering affordable financial, well-being and protection coverage. Avibra works with retailers, gig platforms, fintechs and more to unlock basic safety-net benefits through their enterprise platform. By providing access to a previously underserved population, Avibra’s mission is to help more individuals feel happier, healthier and safer. For more information, visit