Roosted partners with LogicMelon

June 29, 2023 

Roosted andLogicMelonPartner to Transform Recruitment and Hiring Processes

Los Angeles, CA - RoostedHR, an AI-powered HR management platform for the gig-economy, has announced its partnership withLogicMelon, a market-leading provider of Applicant Tracking System and Cloud Recruitment Software.

This dynamic partnership revolutionizes the hiring process, ensuring swift transitions and informed decisions from recruitment to onboarding, and a seamless employee integration with an unparalleled user experience.

"LogicMelonand RoostedHR are joining forces to transform the hiring experience," said Derick Dorner, CEO of Roosted. “The partnership merges comprehensive applicant tracking with intelligent automation to optimize every part of the hiring process - from the first interview to the first shift,LogicMelonand RoostedHR makes it easier for workers and employers."

The integration will allow for easy communication between the two platforms, making it simple for recruiters to access applicant data, and for their clients to manage and retain their workers.

"We simplify recruitment complexities," said Darren Brown, CEO ofLogicMelon. "IntegratingLogicMelon's reach with RoostedHR's automation saves time, resources, and improves informed hiring. "

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About Roosted: Scheduling workers is time-consuming. RoostedHR schedules and pays your staff automatically, which maximizes productivity.

AboutLogicMelon: Our market leading Applicant Tracking System and Cloud Recruitment Software reduces the cost and time to hire for recruitment agencies and in-house recruiters.

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