Roosted partners with Recruiterflow

June 29, 2023 

Recruiterflow partners with RoostedHR to bring seamless hiring and retention solutions to the gig-economy

Recruiterflow, a leading recruiting software company, has announced its partnership with RoostedHR, an AI-powered HR management platform.

With Recruiterflow's Applicant tracking, CRM and recruiting automation, and RoostedHR's intuitive workforce management tools, recruiting & staffing businesses can now handle their recruitment needs from a single platform, saving time and effort.

"We are excited to partner with RoostedHR to offer our customers a comprehensive workforce management solution. Our integration will allow staffing businesses to close the gap between the front office and back office, enabling them to collaborate seamlessly," said Manan Shah, CEO of Recruiterflow.

The integration will allow for easy communication between the two platforms, making it simple for recruiters to access applicant data, and for their clients to manage and retain their workers.

"We are thrilled to partner with Recruiterflow to provide businesses with a powerful hiring and retention solution. With this integration, businesses can streamline their recruitment process to find the best talent for their company, while maintaining diligent scheduling and payroll processes to manage and retain these workers." said Derick Dorner, CEO of RoostedHR.

Recruiterflow and RoostedHR will be offering training sessions and webinars to all trainees and sales team members to help them get the most out of this partnership.

About RoostedHR: Scheduling workers is time-consuming. RoostedHR schedules and pays your staff automatically, which maximizes productivity.

About RecruiterFlow: Recruiterflow is the complete ecosystem that helps you run and scale your recruiting & staffing business.

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