Schedulehead is now Roosted

Schedulehead, the worker management platform, recently underwent a name change and is now called Roosted. The name change was made to reflect the company's focus on helping businesses better manage teams and elevate their employee experience.

First and foremost, the name Roosted was chosen to reflect the idea of finding a comfortable and secure place to land. The name also has a positive connotation, suggesting a sense of home and community. For both businesses and workers, Roosted represents a place where everyone can feel informed, supported, and connected.

The decision to change the name from Schedulehead to Roosted was driven by the company's desire to better align its name with its mission and values. While Schedulehead accurately described the company's core offering, it didn't capture the essence of what the company stood for. Roosted, on the other hand, speaks to the company's focus on building strong teams and creating a positive work environment.

In addition to the name change, Roosted has made several updates to its product to further support its mission of helping businesses build better teams. The company has expanded its capabilities to include features such as shift trading, performance tracking, and a self-service channel for quicker onboarding. These updates reflect Roosted's commitment to empowering employees and helping businesses operate more efficiently.

Overall, the name change from Schedulehead to Roosted is a significant milestone for the company. It reflects the company's growth and evolution, as well as its commitment to its mission of supporting the gig-economy through diligent worker management and support. With a new name and updated product offerings, Roosted is well-positioned to continue making a positive impact on the gig-economy.