Production Employee Scheduling

Roosted can save you time and money on employee scheduling

Lock Down Your Crew Schedules

You live in a world where everyone is freelance. That’s great for a lot of things, but organization isn’t one of them. Roosted will handle all of your crew schedules and make sure everyone is on set at call time.

Stop feeling sidelined by scheduling.

Stop wasting time with scheduling your staff and running payroll. Converting to Roosted makes the average company 84% faster. This gives you more time to spend on the rest of the business.

We understand your challenges.

We're the best turn-key scheduling & time tracking solution custom built for event companies.

All Aboard! Get your workers started fast.

Don’t worry about on-boarding! Just send your crew a link to your Roosted scheduling portal and they fill it for you.

Get the right workers for the right job

Whether you have one gig, or twenty, Roosted will balance your workers between them evenly, making sure that you have the right crew, on time, every time. 

We help you get out of the office and into the action.

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During its 12 year initial growth, this case study catering company had struggled with its employee scheduling, moving between hand written notes, Google Sheets, phone calls and text messages. While this worked some of the time, the busier they were, the more attendance problems they’d have, at exactly the wrong time. The “late or no-show” ratio was estimated 50% on some of their busiest days, while after switching to Roosted, that same metric is now below 5% : a remarkable 90% improvement.

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Our feature-set is made to solve your problems.

Problem: Sending text messages to staff takes too long.


You landed a bid last minute and you need crew on site now, don’t worry. Roosted will automatically text your workers to get them signed up to work. It doesn’t matter if you have a production staff of 50 or 5,000.

Problem: Keeping our staff informed of changes to the schedule is difficult.


We have a wide-array of comment and communication tools, each one easy to use and specifically designed to communicate the right info at the right time.

Problem: We need help, but learning new software is difficult.


Roosted is designed to be simple and easy to use. Admins can quickly and easily navigate the interface with little to no training, while our Client Success Engineers are here to help you with any of our advanced features or custom needs.

Problem: Payroll for all of our workers takes too much time to check.


With our time tracking suite, possible issues are pointed out to you, so checking payroll is faster than ever. Our advanced payroll rules help workers get the correct pay rate at all times. Roosted can integrate with most major payroll softwares so payroll goes from hours to minutes.

Problem: Sometimes we are looking for specific people, and other times we just want someone that can do the job.


Roosted is extremely flexible. We have multiple workflows that can mix-and-match to fit your style. Each with its own advantages and designed to help you work the most efficiently.

Problem: We need help tracking hundreds of part-time workers.


Worker photos help you keep track of each of your workers by face. Easy to understand stats on each worker let you know who your best workers are.

Problem: Knowing where our workers were can be difficult.


Our timetracking system can track where your workers were when they punched in or out, and even what they looked like on-site.

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