WorkFit Medical and Nurse Staffing

WorkFit Medical streamlined operations to overcome nursing shortages and build stronger client relationships

The Challenge:

WorkFit Medical struggled to grow with a mountain of scheduling and payroll work every week

WorkFit Medical is a healthcare staffing company with over 200 full-time, part-time, and contract workers. They work with understaffed hospitals across upstate New York to provide healthcare workers (RNs, LPNs, CNAs, etc.) in operating rooms, filling everything from single shifts on the weekend to permanent openings. 


WorkFit Medical was held back by inefficient scheduling and payroll processes that affected every part of the company. Half of every week was a hectic sprint to build schedules from scratch and manually file paper time cards in an outdated scheduling software. Recruiters couldn't onboard new nurses and verify their licenses fast enough to keep up with the nationwide nursing shortage. And that meant company leaders, like Daniel Costello, AVP at WorkFit, spent more time fixing problems than building relationships with clients. 

After switching to Roosted's platform, WorkFit Medical reduced time spent on scheduling and payroll by 25% per week, and was able to put that time towards building closer relationships with patients and clients. Ultimately, this led to a dramatic increase in contracts they received, and better prepared them to scale operations in the face of this company growth.

The Solution:

Roosted brought together scheduling, payroll, and communications on one platform. 

This is what it looked like before Roosted

WorkFit Medical used an outdated scheduling and time-tracking software that slowed operations to a crawl. Every single shift had to be built from scratch and manually entered into the program, which meant hours of repetetive work. Half of the week was spent just getting workers scheduled with the correct time, wage, and location.  

Payroll was no easier - the administration used paper time cards for every worker to track hours and wages. Admins were spending enormous time chasing after workers to get time cards and manually entering data into their old program. And because each worker had a different role and hourly wage, the admins were spending time double-checking their work!

Daniel Costello said that this process was, “a nightmare.” He mentioned “It was all hands on deck for the first three days of the week. 3-4 people were manually calculating hours and wages from the paper time cards.” Half of every week was taken up by this software, and constantly led to errors in hours, wages, and schedules. Basically, they were spending time and money to give themselves headaches. 

This is the part where Roosted comes in

WorkFit Medical has to deal with unique staffing problems that other agencies don’t have to worry about. The variety in positions, wages, licenses, and locations presented a huge burden for their administration, and they needed an all-in-one solution to streamline this process.
This is the part where Roosted comes in!


First, we introduced our scheduling feature and immediately got rid of the repetitive scheduling work. We created templates for regularly recurring shifts, including licensing and wage information for each position. Now, admins can automatically create recurring shifts and reduce errors. At the same time, we made it easier for workers to stay on top of their hours. The Roosted app shows available shifts, and workers can claim it with a press of a button. They can get automated updates and alerts about upcoming shifts, and punch-in right from the app! Admins no longer have to call, text, and hope that workers will pick up - it’s all handled in the app.


Roosted's time-tracking feature had the biggest impact on WorkFit Medical’s operations. Almost immediately, the switch away from paper time cards saved the schedulers and payroll dozens of hours every week. By integrating the time punch feature on the Roosted app with WorkFit Medical’s own payroll system, workers didn't need to get time cards physically signed and delivered to the WorkFit office - they could just do it all through the app. Roosted also automatically creates invoice reports every week that show the hours and wages paid for every worker. Costello mentioned, “Invoice reports and integrated time-tracking are saving us a ton of time in payroll calculations…there’s huge productivity in that alone”


Day-to-day scheduling and time-tracking are not WorkFit’s only worry though. Costello said that, “Every year, there are 5,000 nursing jobs opening, and only 40% are covered by new graduates.” For a nurse staffing company, that statistic represents more open shifts at more hospitals, and a need to scale up operations to provide quality care - including constantly recruiting new nurses. With Roosted, WorkFit recruiters can create individual worker profiles for each new worker and submit the necessary nursing licenses and certifications. And that means getting more nurses into more open shifts more quickly.

Costello remarked, “Having an all-in-one system for scheduling, recruitment, data protection and data load - it’s our one-stop shop at this point.”

Roosted's impact:

“Having an all-in-one system for scheduling, recruitment, data protection and data load - it’s our one-stop shop at this point.”

The benefits are far-reaching and long-lasting

Roosted's impact was immediate. Scheduling and time-tracking were the first features we implemented, and they cut man hours by 25%, roughly 2 hours per day per worker. Having communication, punch-ins, and schedules centralized to the Roosted platform means that workers can just use the app to find their next shift, track their time, and notify their managers of any changes. For the admins, this is a huge time-saver. No more metal filing cabinets, no more paper time cards, and no more repetitive work to make schedules. For the Recruiters, moving to Roosted means that info on every worker is instantly available to the whole team, and they're able to onboard more nurses, more quickly to fill more shifts. 

And finally, for Dan and the other leaders of the company, “there’s less chaos coming my way at the end of each day. It gives me more time as a leader to build client relationships and make plans for the future”


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