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Employee Scheduling

Countless features that make scheduling faster and easier

Made by and for event companies.

Save time and money.

Business that use Roosted to schedule their staff and run payroll are on averge 84% faster. The time they save goes into managing bigger events and more of them.

Alert your workers when things change.

Roosted keeps your staff informed of last-minute changes. You can stop mass texting from your phone and worrying if you contacted everyone.

Do what you like, automate the rest.

Be in total control, let our bots be in control, or find a comfortable mix in between.

Keep track of your workers

Roosted keeps track of each of your workers' performances. This way you don't have to remember if one of your workers has a history of being late or having poor performances.

We know you're overloaded, let us take some things off your plate.

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I did everything in excel before. Roosted has saved me so much time and worry. Plus I can look at it anywhere on my phone.


Roosted has allowed me to go out to dinner again without worrying about the schedule every 2 minutes.


This software takes the horror out of scheduling. Scheduling is the bane of most manager's existence and this allows flexibility to those of us that have varying schedules...

Easy to schedule and access for employees. No down time that we noticed. Great customer service.


How Roosted improved staff performance and attendance by 90%

During its 12 year initial growth, this case study catering company had struggled with its employee scheduling, moving between hand written notes, Google Sheets, phone calls and text messages. While this worked some of the time, the busier they were, the more attendance problems they’d have, at exactly the wrong time. The “late or no-show” ratio was estimated 50% on some of their busiest days, while after switching to Roosted, that same metric is now below 5% : a remarkable 90% improvement.

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Our feature-set is developed around solving problems.

Problem: texting workers about open shifts takes forever


Roosted has a whole group of bots to do this for you. Open spots left on a big event on Saturday? Autotext Bot will reach out to your workers for you to get shifts filled.

Problem: We tried other software, but it was too hard to learn.


Roosted was designed by and for event companies to be simple and quick to learn. Anyone can pick up the system in almost no time. Our support team is always on standby to help with any questions you may have.

Problem: Sometimes workers are missing punches on their payroll.


Roosted keeps all of that information online. You can view the progress of each event and get final summaries signed off by clients. This allows you to identify issues early instead of while process payroll.

Problem: Sometimes I want a particular worker


We have 4 main workflows for you to mix-and-match and create your own style. Whether you are looking for a worker with a particular skillset or just one specific worker, Roosted makes it easy.

Problem: it's hard to keep track of a worker's past performance


Roosted keeps realtime track of everyone's performance so you can make decisions with ease. This allows you to see who might make a good manager or who has a history of not showing or being late.

Problem: It's impossible to keep track of everyone's availabilities.


Roosted helps to track of your workers' availabilities for you and displays it in a simple to understand way. Shift invites allow you to reach out to specific workers for a shift.

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