Festival Staff Scheduling

If you’re staffing for festivals, you know the challenges of managing a large crew with full-time employees alongside temporary staff. Roosted knows those challenges too, and we’ve got solutions for you.

We're specially made for big events

We don’t try to do everything, but we’re really good at employee scheduling for big events like festivals, carnivals, and fairs. Roosted was first-to-market with online scheduling for festival staff and no one else boasts a feature set like Roosted tailor-made for these types of events. While others have adapted their scheduling software meant to work in an office environment or restaurant, we were built from the ground up for special events.

Get the right people in the right job

Give your workers skillsets, then ask for a certain amount of skillsets per job, that’s the core of our staff scheduling. Skills can be anything you want, not just “Security” or “Clean Up Crew” but also “Passed Drug Test” or “Heavy Lifter”. This way you can combine exactly what skillsets you need, maybe you need just a few of your Clean Up Crew to be able to move some heavy stuff back into trucks. This extensibility allows our skillsets to be a very powerful tool to get exactly the right people into the right position.

Automate the process by allowing self-scheduling

Where we really shine is in our ability to automate the scheduling process. Roosted can
be completely self-driving, or you can stay in total control, zero to 100, or pick any anything in between. It doesn’t just pre-populate a schedule for you, we’ve got robots and other nifty tools that actually reach out to your workers for you to get them scheduled for their shifts. This is especially helpful on large events like festivals and fairs where you have a limited number of key employees, and a bigger number of bodies you just need in the right place.